About business pages on MyPetsWelcome

Neighbors turn to MyPetsWelcome to find and discover great local, pet-friendly businesses in and around their neighborhood. We strongly believe that the best local businesses are the ones recommended by neighbors.

Local businesses can create a Business Page to connect with their neighbors. Through business pages, neighbors can leave a recommendation,  message the business, and find general business information like phone number, address, website, or hours.

Benefits of a business page on MyPetsWelcome

Who can create a Business Page?
Any business or service provider that falls within our Business Page Policy is encouraged to create a free business page

Establish a presence in the neighborhood
Display your pet-friendly business contact information, hours of operation, products and services, etc.

Get discovered by locals
Show up in your business category search results.

Run advertisements 
Get priority placement and in neighbors’ newsfeed and search results.

Grow word-of-mouth reputation 
Display recommendations from customers. 

Communicate with neighbors
Neighbors can comment or message your business.

Post updates/announcements
Keep local customers informed about your business. (Verified business pages only).

Business posts may only be utilized by verified business pages. Learn more about business page verification.

Business pages on MyPetsWelcome

Participating businesses do not have access to neighborhoods’ newsfeed. They will only be able to see comments they are tagged in and recommendations for their business.

Businesses will be able to see a neighbor’s name, profile photo, and neighborhood name if a member leaves a recommendation for the business or tags them in a comment.

Businesses are not able to start a message thread, or send a connection request to a neighbor.

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