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Ship2Mates™ promotes Shopping Local with global reach. Marine businesses harness the power of online, word-of-mouth marketing so you can reach customers where they are.

Promote and grow your business with a built-in community of local boating enthuasiasts, already looking for your supplies.

Locals are looking for your business

marine supply stores

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marine supply stores

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marine supply stores

Make it easy to find and connect your business

Get results that matter to your business

The power of online, word-of-mouth marketing and reviews is undeniable. 75% of consumers are impacted by the suggestions from their fellow friends, family and neighbors.

marine supply stores

Powerful features & revenue tools for busy schedules

Reach a new source of hyper-local customers with global reach. Show the commuity you’re open for their business.

Free Supply Store Profile

Showcase your marine supply store, location, supplies and more. Connect with boaters searching for you locally and around the world.

Turn on the BoatChatR™

BoatChatR™ is our online in-App messaging system. It helps you and your clients talk about your business and supplies.

Business management tools

Organize & manage your time year round - locally and around the globe. Respond to requests, forward quotes and confirm price and timelines. Schedule deliveries and process payments faster.

E-commerce solutions

Lowest commissions for online, trusted and secure, billing and payment services. **Choose from a variety of e-commerce options to suit your clients needs.

Community Posts

Share client success stories, reviews and seasonal updates & promotions. Build trust and grow your community of clients with the Ship2Mates™ platform.

Grow your business

Meet your marketing goals locally and around the world with ease. Turn community members into valued and loyal customers.

Looking to expand on a national scale? Access all the tools you need on Ship2Mates, or we can create your own App at

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marine supply stores
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