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Love boating but sometimes need help? Whether you’re searching for marine services or want to hire a captain or crew member. Ship2mates makes boating life a breeze with free captain, crew and watercraft profiles. 

Boat owners can find local marine services with real reviews. And also connects locals in search of their next boat rental or charter adventure.

Ship2Mates™ – Your Boating Community.

Locals are looking for their next boating adventure.

Captains and Charters

Mates are more likely to view charters online

Mates adventure

Mates find their specific adventure needs

Mates adventure online

Mates prefer online, real-life referrals

User-friendly connections for watercraft rentals & charters

Existing customers are your greatest advocates. Let them assist your local marketing efforts to rent or charter your watercraft. 75% of potential clients want recommendations from family, friends, and neighbors. Ship2Mates gets reviews and existing clients chatting with potential clients on BoatChatR™. As a result, Ship2mates watercraft profiles get more local engagement and referrals.

Boating Enthusiasts

Tools for busy boat owners

Free watercraft profile

Store all of your watercraft details in one place:
- Promote & manage rentals and charters
- Share your watercraft details with service providers for maintenance, insurance and more...

Schedule marine services

Organized marine services. Share your watercraft profile and request a quote, confirm price & completion dates. Secure payment options for scheduled jobs. Reviews work both ways.

Rent or Charter?

Renting a canoe or chartering your watercraft is optional and not required to enjoy a free watercraft profile. If so, sample the waters with us, view rental request profiles without spending a dime.

E-commerce solutions

Lowest commissions for trusted & secure, online billing, payment & payout services for rentals & charters. **Choose deposit only payments and manage the balance directly with your clients.

Community posts

Share client photos, success stories, reviews and updates. Ask questions about services, and start building trust, positive reviews and grow your community of loyal boating enthuasists - like you.

Turn on the BoatChatR™

BoatChatR™ is our online messaging system. It helps you communicate with potential clients and chat with marine service providers. Get connected and watch your sales grow.

Showcase your watercraft, and connect with local marine services,
new boating enthausists and potential clients.

Looking to expand on a national scale? Access all the tools you need on Ship2Mates, or we can create your own App at

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Captains and Charters
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