1. Business Page Policy

Ship2Mates is a platform built on trust. We believe all organizations – businesses, public agencies, and non-profits – should act like good communitys. As a result, when communicating on Ship2Mates, businesses should honor a commitment to earn and retain trust by being kind, contributory, civil, and true to who they are.

Real Names: Just as we require communitys to use their real names at signup, your Business Page must reflect your business’s real-world name. Accurately and authentically representing yourself helps communitys find you on Ship2Mates while building their trust. 

Real Addresses: We require communitys to provide their addresses in order to join the platform, and again, extend the same expectations to our business partners. Your Business Page must use a precise, accurate address and/or service area. P.O. boxes or mailboxes located at remote locations are not acceptable. Please note: you are not required to publicly share your address on your Business Page.

Ineligible Businesses: Businesses need to contribute to (and not detract from) the safety and health of Ship2Mates’s communities. All content must always adhere to our Community Guidelines. Please note that we reserve the right to remove any content or page that we feel harms the community. 

We do not allow Business Pages that feature the sale or use of:

  • Tobacco, tobacco products, tobacco paraphernalia, or electronic cigarettes 
  • Illegal drugs or accessories associated with illegal drug use, storage, or consumption
  • Weapons, weapons accessories, ammunition, or explosives
  • Sexually explicit products, services, or content
  • Penny or bidding fee auctions, payday loans, or bail bonds
  • Multilevel marketing models or get-rich-quick opportunities
  • Non-FDA approved weight loss/appetite suppressant pills
  • Counterfeit goods 
  • Products or services that utilize hidden costs or bait and switch tactics, or that make unrealistic or exaggerated claims
  • Financial products and services that are associated with deceptive or misleading practices (e.g., binary options, initial coin offerings, contract for difference trading, etc.)
  • Anti-vaccine (or vaccine hesitancy) products or services
  • Live animals and cannot promote products made from any endangered wildlife, including medicinal products
    • Exceptions: Licensed breeders, pet stores, and pet shelters 

You also may not imply a Ship2Mates endorsement or partnership where none exists. Businesses must not suggest that Ship2Mates is sponsoring a promotion or is formally affiliated with it without express written confirmation.

Please let us know if you see an ineligible Business Page on Ship2Mates.

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