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Ship2Mates™ maximizes online, word-of-mouth marketing for marine products & accessories in a hyper-local community platform with global reach. 

Get the local strategy you need to achieve your global product marketing goals and connect with new customers.

Boat owners are looking for your marine products & accessories

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Boating Accessories

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Powerful tools for busy business owners

Reach a new source of hyper-local customers with global reach

Free supplier profile

Ship2Mates community has unlimited types of product and accessories categories. Share your unique marine business, chat with boat owners and watch your sales grow.

Business management tools

Organize & manage your sales year round. Review watercraft profile details before responding to requests, forwarding quotes and confirm shipping, price and timelines.

E-commerce Solutions

Lowest sales costs for trusted & secure, online billing, payment & payout services for products & accessories. **Choose affiliate programs & manage the payments directly with your clients.

Promotional sales tools

Meet your marketing goals with ease. Turn community members into customers quickly and easily.

Marketing posts

Share client success stories, reviews and product specific updates & innovations. Build trust and grow your network of customers.

Turn on the BoatChatR™

BoatChatR™ is our online messaging system. It helps you communicate with potential clients and chat with marine service providers. Get connected and watch your sales grow.

Build your Ship2Mates following and reach new customers by showcasing your expertise and a commitment to your community.

Looking to expand on a national scale? Access all the tools you need on Ship2Mates, or we can create your own App at

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