Ship2Mates™ Launches First-of its-kind Multi-services App, Connecting Boating Enthusiasts and Essential Marine Services

The app expands its social networking roots to include a robust e-commerce platform, offering boat owners and service providers a streamlined way to collaborate and transact

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DOVER, Del., April 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ship2Mates™has
introduced a dynamic new application designed to connect the boating community with an array of marine services through a simplified ecommerce platform. Tailored to meet the specific needs of boat owners and marine service providers, the app facilitates  seamless interactions within local boating circles.

Ship2Mates™ Launches First of its kind Multi services App, Connecting Boating Enthusiasts and Essential Marine Services

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Initially starting as a social network exclusive to boating enthusiasts, Ship2Mates™ has evolved to incorporate e-commerce functionalities, creating a marketplace where users can discover and engage local freelance professionals skilled in marine services. This platform extends the reach of local boating communities to a variety of skilled and talented service providers, thereby enhancing the boating experience with reliable and proficient support.

Ship2Mates™ ensures a high level of transparency and accountability, establishing a secure environment where every transaction is clear and straightforward. The platform features agreed pricing, service timelines, and detailed ratings and reviews, allowing both buyers and sellers to interact with confidence. This comprehensive approach not only supports clear communication but also streamlines the negotiation process, ensuring that all parties are aligned with the terms of service delivery.

A standout feature of the Ship2Mates™ app is My Boats Profile™, a proprietary tool that allows boat owners to maintain a detailed profile of their vessel, including specifications, features, and service records. This feature enables sellers to provide accurate job estimates and tailored services, enhancing the overall efficiency of transactions. The shareable nature of My Boats Profile™ ensures that valuable boat information can be transferred seamlessly between owners, maintaining a continuous and comprehensive record throughout the lifetime of the vessel.

The introduction of Ship2Mates™ is set to transform the way the boating community interacts with service providers. From routine maintenance to specialized enhancements, the app aims to connect boat owners with the largest network of marine talent in the industry, covering hundreds of unique service categories. This extensive pool of resources not only provides boat owners with more choices but also supports the growth of local marine businesses.

Additionally, Ship2Mates™ offers a white-label platform partnership program. This initiative allows other boating community networks to integrate into the Ship2Mates™ ecosystem seamlessly, leveraging a growing user base specifically tailored to boating needs.

For more details on partnerships or to explore the services offered, interested parties can contact or visit the Ship2Mates™ website. This innovative platform is dedicated to enhancing the boating experience, ensuring that boat owners and service providers can connect more effectively than ever before.

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